N.C.D.A. Board Minutes
Dart E-Board Meeting
September 23rd, 2007
Paddock Bowl

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.


Pres.       Larry Johnson
V.P.        Ron Calvert
Treas.             Carol Calvert
ADO               Gregor Sanderson
OTW              Mischelle Martell
Mon. Gov.       Bob Martell
Wed.  Gov.     Chris Plute

Absent:          Ron Peppers
     Robin Nanni
     Shane Biesecker

Everyone was asked to read the minutes from the last meeting.  Discussion followed – Bob moved that the minutes be accepted as submitted and corrected later.  Ron seconded.
All in favor- motion was carried.

Pres. Report – Larry asked all to keep comments to the subject at hand.  There is a lot going on and to keep meetings running smoothly – keep to subject.  He also thanked Gregor  for being Comp. Sec. but asked if his job or personal issues would keep him from doing the job.  Gregor expressed that his job would no longer be an issue and he really wants to continue the job. 

Carol asked for a commitment from Gregor and that he would ask for help if he needs it in the future.  He said that he would.

There was discussion on  the position of Secretary – Robin is very busy with her job and extra duties.  It was decided that the President would send her a letter asking her to step down.   He will ask for a temporary person to fill in until election time.

V.P. – Ron Calvert explained that communication seems to be a problem within the league.  Some people are not computer oriented and as a result – are not aware of what is happening in league, with results, and other information.  He volunteered  to deliver results and other information to the pubs if needed. 
A discussion followed regarding captains not printing out results and getting information to their teams.  There is a lot of information that needs to be passed on to the entire membership such as events, tournaments etc.

Bob mentioned that when we update the By-laws, We should include duties for the captains including that it is the responsibility of the captains to inform all team members of upcoming events as well as weekly results.  These issues will be discussed at the Captains meetings.

Gregor mentioned that when the results were hand delivered we had better communications.  Bob brought up that with the cost of gas now it would be to costly and many other leagues are now all internet run to keep the cost down. Discussion followed regarding some captains that do not have computers or printers – it was suggested that any person on the team that has access could print out the result sheets or any other information that is important for the members.

Larry suggested that we start with this season – both Monday and Wednesday.

Treas. Report:  Carol reported that N.C.D.A. has a balance of $2,092.51 in the checking account plus in the General fund we have (2) CDs of $2,500 each  for a total worth of $7092.51.  There is a trophy bill to be paid and Carol needs to be re-imbursed  for the cost of one year ($128.00) for the P.O. Box for N.C.D.A. and ($231.60) for trophies. She will keep track of the Pubs sponsorship dues. 

Mischelle suggested that the treasures report also be included in the O.T.W.

Carol reported that she would give a complete treasurers report to the secretary.

Gov. Report:  Monday – Bob reported that last season ended – Division 1 – Ron Pepper’s team came in first  (Try to Beat Us) – Division 2 – Mischelle’s team (Double Impact) .
For the upcoming season – there are 5 teams in Div. 1 and 6 teams in Div. 2.

Weds. Gov.  Chris –reported that the season started last week with 6 teams in Div. 1 and 4 teams in Div. 2 and 4 teams of (3) in the Masters.

Comp.  Sec.  Gregor thanked Mischelle for filling in for him while he worked during the Association Qualifiers on Saturday.  He arrived as soon as he could to finish.  There were 4 trying out for the position and Chris Monaghan won.  He will pay the additional $30.00 needed to make $110.00 to compete in the Regionals.  ($40.00 was collected at each of two tryouts to make the $80.00 needed). It was explained that N.C.D.A. sends one male and one female to the Regional tryouts for each of the (3) 501 events.  The money collected at each of tryouts ($10.00 per person) goes to the Cricket Regionals.  There were no ladies that tried out for Cricket event.
Gregor also said he is looking forward to doing a good job as Comp. Sec.

Reps.  Ron – excused.
          Shane - unexcused

OTW – Mischelle reported that a copy of the OTW will be on the internet and she will also deliver some to each Pub.

Old Bus.  There was a discussion on the amount of money that Ron Toby still owes N.C.D.A. – Carol suggested that she examine the books for transactions that would let us know how much money is due.  This was tabled until the next meeting when she will have some information.

Bob reported that the Biltmore Tourn. is on but will have to be on fewer boards as we will not be in the Nevada Room but downstairs in a smaller location.  This will not be a problem and N.C.D.A. will get credit for the tournament but will not have any liability.

He also reported that the Toys For Tots Tourn. will be on Sunday, Dec. 2nd and we need raffle prizes.  Mischelle will get the Sponsor package out soon.  That will help in getting donations for this event.

New Business: None

Next Meeting:  October 14th – 6:00 at p.m. at Paddock Bowl

Chris motioned for adjournment – Bob Seconded – Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.


Maggie Martell, (filling in for Sec.)