N.C.D.A. Board Minutes
Dart E-Board Meeting
May 2nd, 2007

Attendance: Larry Johnson, President
Bob Martell, Monday Governor
Chris Plute, Wednesday Governor
Ron Peppers, Rep at Large
Gregor Sanderson, Rep at Large
Mike Parker, Editor, OTW
Mischelle Martell—Webmaster
Absent: Ron Calvert, Vice President
Absent: Carol Calvert, Treasurer
Tardy: Robin Nanni, Secretary

Meeting was called to order at 6:50PM.

Bob Martell motioned to accept prior meetings minutes as read. Chris Plute seconded. All in favor.

President’s Report—Welcomed new BOD members, Gregor Sanderson, Ron Peppers and Mike Parker. Stated that tonight’s meeting would be “short” (completed by 7:30PM due to league play. Stated that meeting at Paddock Bowl at 6:30PM were not working out. Meeting will now be on weekends at BOD members’ homes or other locale.  Need to review and revise rules and by-laws. Will probably take several meetings to do this.

Vice President: Absent

Treasurer: Absent. Written report of bank balance: $1,128.74

Monday Governor: There were 4 make-up games still to complete. Other than that, everything was caught up. Skipping next week to allow for make-up games. Semi-Finals will be on the 14th, Finals on the 21st. Sign-ups for the summer season are beginning now. Approached by Willits league (13 members) to join NCDA as a “satellite league. NCDA will charge the members $2.00 per member for additional ADO fees to be allowed to play in Regional Playoffs, Association Qualifiers, etc.

Wednesday Governor: Last season, good records were kept as far as who did/did not pay. Chris asked Carol for a report on who has not yet paid for the current season. No response as of yet from Carol. Lots of make-up games in the Masters’ division. Extended the season by one week to all0ow for the make-up games to be completed. ISSUE: One team did not want to play out of the opposing pub due to a mistake on the schedule.

It was decided that if they did not show up to play at the pub (as determined by Governor), they would forfeit their match. Summer league will be an “A-B-C League”. We will need to do a test run to figure out timing of the league  so as to best set up the format. Sign-ups for summer will begin next week.

Mischelle asked to become the webmaster of the NCDA website. Governors will only be allowed to post results pages. All other material will go directly to Mischelle for website updates. Chris made a motion. Gregor seconded. All in favor.

Competition Secretary: Larry welcomed Gregor as the new Competition Secretary. Mischelle, as previous CS reported the following:  Association Qualifiers for the All Star Team, 11 players total. Ron Peppers and Mischelle will be representing the NCDA at the ADO Regional Playoff at the Brick Oven Pizza  in Sacramento.

Representative at Large:  Since Ron was new to the BOD, nothing to report.

Unfinished Business: None to report at this time.

New Business: New BODs officially take office as of September 1st, however Larry wishes to appoint all new members as interim members since their positions are not currently filled.

Will complete a yearly NCDA calendar, including all NCDA events, league start dates, General Membership Meetings, Awards banquets, special events and tournaments. This will be a priority at the next BOD meeting.

New 11-week Regional Singles League being coordinated by Mischelle. All participants will play a best of 17 legs against each opponent, and the cost will be $10.00 per week, plus a $5.00 sign-up fee. All payments for the league will be made through PayPal to ensure accurate accounting of fees collected. Bob motioned that NCDA cover the PayPal fees association with players paying for the 11 weeks online, Seconded by Mischelle. Motioned passed via telephone vote by majority of the BOD.

Next meeting: June 3rd at Larry and Mischelle’s home. 12:00PM.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35PM