N.C.D.A. Board Minutes
Dart E-Board Meeting
March 7, 2007
Meeting began at 6:50
Present: Larry Johnson, Mischelle Martell, Ron Calvert Robin Nanni, Bob Martell
Monday governor: Two divisions 6 in each division . Things are going well. Have a few make ups. Results are up now. The check for last season has been made and that it has not been cleared. Will re-issue.
Wednesday Governor: The place that use to be Sail In and is looking for some teams to play out of there. Excalibur is still getting their team together. They now have the official line up. All board members to have a receipt book so we can let all team members know they can anyone of us and then we will hand over the money to Carol the treasurer or the appropriate governor. There are 4 teams in division 1 & 2 and 5 in the masters.
President’s Report: they were in Benecia last week and they are really appreciative about taking over the Governor’s position. They are really appreciative of the good communication. Thanks goes out to Robin for taking minutes.
Old Business: We need the ballots to be completed by March 21st for our membership meeting.
We discussed about receiving pins and getting the feedback from our membership. If approved then next season we can implement it next season. At the meeting we will mention a possible increase in league fees and finding ways to cut costs.
Remind members that costs of league fees will be at $30.00.

New Business: Run a Masters 1 & 2 in the summer league to see how it works out. They will be 3 person team. We will have to test it out to see how long it will take to play and then figure out the program from there. Maybe we can look at format up in Tahoe.
Competition Secretary: Regionals went really well. 12 men and 4 women. We need to find a way to get people to tryout for the nationals.
Trying to get a New ladies league. This way we hope to get more women to play darts.
A decision needs to be made about instead of having trophies maybe donating to an organization. We will also put that out in the meeting.\
Meeting is adjourned at 7:28. Our next meeting will be April 4th, 2007.