N.C.D.A. Board Minutes
Dart E-Board Meeting
June 6th, 2007
Paddock Bowl

Larry Johnson, President
Ron Calvert, Vice President
Robin Nanni, Secretary
Carol Calvert, Treasurer
Gregor Sanderson, Comp. Secretary
Bob Martell, Monday Governor
Chris Plute, Wednesday Governor
Mike Parker, OTW Editor
Chad Pederson, Rep at Large
Shane Biesecker, Rep at Large
Ron Peppers, Rep at Large
Mischelle Martell, Webmaster

The meeting was called to order at 8:33p.m.

Ron Calvert made a motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting (May 2nd) as read. Seconded by Robin Nanni. M/S/P

PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Larry welcomed Shane and Chad to the board. Mischelle passed out a written paragraph of what each BOD members' duties are. Last meeting (June 3rd) there were only 4 people who attended, so the regular meeting was postponed.  Tonight we are doing a regular meeting and finishing up the calendar.  If we have time we might need to start on the by-laws. Larry stated that it is really nice to have a 100% participation to the Board Meeting.  It is important that we do show up for these meetings.  If you miss two consecutive board meetings then you are subject for dismissal from your position.  If you are not able to attend you must let Larry know and get an approval for absence.  Went over what the Reps at Large responsibilities are such as mingling with the players and see what is working and what is not.  If there are some concerns and ideas to make the Association better.
Larry stated that Mischelle has set up an new Yahoo e-mail system for the Board to be used for NCDA
correspondence.  It is expected that everyone checks their e-mails on a regular basis (twice per week).
Minutes will also be delivered to this e-mail address.

VICE PRESIDENT REPORT: Ron is concerned about how much emphasis we put on the internet.  If people do not have internet access, then they may be missing important information.  It was stated that our league needs to be publicized more via flyers, posters and interactions with the pubs.  Networking by word of mouth works really well and we need to talk it up and put flyers in pubs.  All BOD members are responsible for this.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Carol stated the bank balance to be $905.74 plus the two $2500.00 CD's.  Mischelle turned over $110.00 cash from the previous All Star Qualifiers. Larry turned over $100.00 cash for total team payment for Spring league from Excalibur Again and a Chris turned over a check in the amount of $90.00 for Triple Threat, Summer League.

MONDAY GOVERNOR REPORT: Bob reported the there are currently 6 teams for the summer league.  3 teams had to drop out. Clarified that a C7 = 1 point,  a C8 = 2 points.  This was previously incorrect on the Spring Season schedule. He brought schedules for everyone but needs to redo them as the finals ended up on Labor Day. The new Finals date will be September 10th.  Sign ups for the Fall Season will begin on August 13th, with the  Fall season beginning on the 17th of September.

Chris made a suggestion that three people should be on the team on Mondays for the summer season only -- so there are not as many make ups toward the end.  Also, suggested to put  rules in the captain’s packet about make up matches.

WEDNESDAY GOVERNOR REPORT: Chris reported that the Spring season winners were Masters=Excalibur Again, Division 1= Ex-Pats and Division 2= Grateful Darts.  Teams in the lower divisions who have won will move upwards into other divisions, and Excalibur Again will have to break-up their team. The new Summer ABC league has 24 players which make up 8 teams.  The captains had
a meeting tonight prior to the BOD meeting, and discussed formats, etc. The teams will be picking up
the packets at 7:30PM next Wednesday, prior to the start of play. It was also mentioned that we need to get people to play out of other establishments.

COMPETITION SECRETARY REPORT: Gregor stated that he will be putting up flyers for the upcoming US Team qualifiers.  He has asked that every BOD member assist in putting up and passing out flyers for this event. 


Ron Peppers suggested placing an NCDA calendar in each of the pubs.

Shane was concerned about being pulled over in Benicia as the police officers are very strict there.  Bob
stated to make sure everyone  has a designated driver when they have to play there. He also mentioned getting a piece of NCDA literature to hand out to people. Mischelle stated that BOD business cards are already in the works. She has also created an informational pamphlet to pass out, that will include each BOD's contact information.

Chad reported that as he was new, he will have more to report at the next meeting.

WEBMASTER:  Mischelle reported that she revised the background of the entire site to give a “fresh”
feeling.  Easier to read solid white background. Added Association Qualifiers for the ADO US Team Information. Updated BOD information page Added "button" for Regional Singles League.  Included
PayPal links for both sign-up fee and weekly fees, schedule info, member contact info, payment schedule, rules and by-laws, league flyer, results and reporting links. Added “In Memory Of” Gerry O’Driscoll (SFDA). Added sign-ups for the ABC League to the front page. Added story of the month (No matter how small, every contribution helps) Added 50/50 raffle ticket sales for the ADO Scholarship. Updated tournament calendar and added flyer links to all available tournament, including tournaments in local states.

Still coming:
Adding a “home” button to bring reader back to the index. Updating the OTW online with current version.
Adding pictures of local events to the photos section. Updating NCDA Sponsors page. Adding recent BOD Minutes online. Placing additional association league links to the  “Links” page. Preparing Monday and Wednesday reporting pages for new seasons.

OTW REPORT:  Mike reported that he is gathering information and getting guidelines together.

NEW BUSINESS:  Bob stated that we should look into sanctioning the NCDA Toys for Tots tournament this year.  There are an average of 44 people who participates in this tournament.  Ron Calvert motioned
that NCDA apply for ADO sanctioning for the Toys for Tots tournament. Ron Peppers seconded. M/S/P

Calendar needs to be completed with the league scheduling for Mondays and Wednesdays, including
meeting and awards dates, etc.

OLD BUSINESS: Bob invited everyone up to the Pappy Wishbone's Redneck Championship competition in red Bluff this weekend.

NCDA COMMITTEES:- The following committees have been selected/volunteered to contribute to all NCDA functions and tournaments:

Tournament set up – Larry and Chris
Tournament tear down and clean up – Larry and Chris
Raffle prize collection – Mike and Carol
Tournament Registration and general help-Robin, Shane and Maggie
Tournament Board Sponsorship and General
Sponsorship-Chad, Ron C and Ron P

NEXT MEEING DATE: Our next board meeting will be July 7, 2007 10:00 a.m. at Mike Parker's home:  2560 Montgomery Avenue, Concord, CA 94519. The cross street is Olivera Road. 

Meeting was adjourned at 10:12.p.m.