N.C.D.A. Board Minutes
Dart E-Board Meeting
July 7th, 2007
Mike Parker's Home


Larry Johnson, President
Carol Calvert, Treasurer
Bob Martell, Monday Governor
Chris Plute, Wednesday Governor
Mike Parker, OTW Editor
Shane Biesecker, Rep at Large
Mischelle Martell, Webmaster

Ron Calvert, Vice President
Robin Nanni, Secretary (unexcused)
Gregor Sanderson, Comp. Secretary
Chad Pederson, Rep at Large (unexcused)
Ron Peppers, Rep at Large

The meeting was called to order at 11:15am.

Minutes were read online by Chris Plute, since no paper minutes were presented at meeting. Motion made by Mischelle to accept minutes as read with minor corrections. Carol seconded. (correction: Monday had 6 teams should read "2 divisions of 6 teams")

PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Larry stated that NCDA needs to purchase an audio recorder for the secretary, so all pertinent information can be included in the minutes. Handed over a check from O'Learys of $230.00 for sponsor fees for both teams and team fees. O'Leary's still owes a balance of $30.00 for team fees. Larry attended a meeting called by Chris Plute regarding a new member problem. The meeting went well and all issues were resolved.
Committee Report: None to date.

VICE PRESIDENT REPORT: Ron - Absent. No report forwarded, however after contact via telephone, Ron agreed to add his report at a later time.
Committed Report: None to date.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Carol stated the bank balance to be $1,385.74, plus the two (2) CD's in the amount of $2500.00 each. Larry asked Carol for a list of sponsoring pubs and who has paid their sponsor fees. Carol stated that she will bring them soon.
Committee Report: Carol had several donations of nice watches and watch sets, plus coupons from Dreyers Ice Cream.

MONDAY GOVERNOR REPORT: Bob handed over $570.00 to Carol for the Summer league, and $500.00 for the Spring League, completing both seasons of paid members. Everything going smoothly. Monday Division 1 had one team drop out, so there are now 5 teams in Div. 1 and 6 teams in Div. 2.
Committee Report: None to date.

WEDNESDAY GOVERNOR REPORT: Chris reported that there are currently 24 players  (6 teams), and eight substitute players. The league is half-way finished. Had a conflict with two teams, but scheduled a meeting with all necessary players at Vinnie's and worked it out. Chris stated that the ABC League was created to have fun and get to know each other (social league). The goal in creating this league is being met. Also stated that the "A" player position on this league is not based on ability alone. He recommends in the future for players to meet and discuss who's an "A", "B" or "C" players.  The Spring League reporting will be turned in at a later date. Chris mistakenly counted the "comp" players as paid players, so the money did not calculate correctly. All league fees are paid to date with the exception of $150.00. New season sign-ups are beginning soon. Open to suggestions for the ABC League for next summer, and will also be putting a "Sub List" (with skill levels) online.
Committee Report: None to date.

COMPETITION SECRETARY REPORT: Gregor - Absent. No report forwarded.


Chad: Absent. No report forwarded.
Committee Report: None given.

Shane: Suggested putting a list of all local bars that have steel tip darts online.
Committee Report: None given.

Ron: Absent. No report forwarded.
Committee Report: None given.

EDITOR, OTW: Mike reported that he is still working on the new edition. Larry asked when it will be in distribution. Mike stated it would be finished by the next board meeting. 
Committee Report: Mike asked about having ID badges made with members' pictures on them to fulfill committee work.

WEBMASTER:  Mischelle reported the changes to the website since the previous board meeting are:
Committee Report: None to date.

In addition to "regular" duties:

NEW BUSINESS:  Chris made a motion to have business cards made. Bob seconded. Mischelle will order business cards. Bob reported that after last Friday's blind draw, Paddock Bowl is taking away the $2.00 per player (over 16) offer due to a lack of bar expenditure.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Chris stated that the Spring Wednesday awards will be held over until the Fall season. Separate Monday and Wednesday awards, separated by two weeks. Larry stated that he will contact Ron Tobey to collect owed league money ($800.00).

NEXT MEEING DATE: Our next board meeting will be August 19th, 2007 6:00PM at Carol and Ron's home:  Marshview exit to Leaning Oak Dr. 1911 Leaning Oak Dr., Fairfield.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00PM

~ Mischelle Martell for Robin Nanni